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Score top 10% on the Duke Elder Exam

I've had a few people requesting for my Duke Elder exam deck, which was my main learning resource I used to score top 10% in the Duke Elder exam, so I thought I would share it with you guys.

What's inside?

Over 1000 individual Anki cards for the Duke Elder exam with high-yield and niche facts commonly tested in the Duke Elder exam.

Cards have explanations to learn from if you are seeing the concept for the first time.

Cards have multiple images to aid your understanding and make your revision a bit more engaging.

A mix of different types of cards - basic, cloze, image occlusion so that there is variety in your learning.

What topics do I cover?

My Anki Deck contains over 1000 individual cards for the Duke Elder exam covering all the topics and syllabus items tested in the Duke Elder exam ranging from ocular physiology, anatomy and pathology as well as genetics of eye conditions and socio-economic medicine relevant to ophthalmology e.g. blind registration or world blindness. In the clinical questions, all the sub-speciality areas within ophthalmology are covered, including:

  • Cornea and external eye disease

  • Cataract

  • Glaucoma

  • Medical retina and vitreo-retinal surgery

  • Strabismus and paediatric ophthalmology

  • Neuro-ophthalmology

  • Ocular adnexal and orbital disease

  • Refractive errors and optics

Why not just use a standard Anki deck?

Because the Duke Elder exam is a specific exam designed to differentiate prospective ophthalmology applicants. It tests on UK guidelines and niche knowledge that other Anki general ophthalmology decks may not specifically cover.

Yes, the facts in this Anki deck will not be your bog-standard medical school level ophthalmology content - the content of the deck is much harder, as expected in the Duke Elder exam.

But that's what this deck is for - this deck is for people who want to score well in the Duke Elder exam. Having said that, I have put explanations for the answers where possible and used many images throughout so that you can study and learn from the cards, if you are seeing the concepts for the first time, not just be expected to already know the content.

Using this deck, I managed to score top 10% in the Duke Elder exam. If you are serious about scoring well in the Duke Elder exam, this Anki-deck is literally a no-brainer.

How to use this deck

You will need to download the image occlusion add-on to ensure some of the cards work.

Other than that, all you need to do is download the file and click on it to load the deck on your Anki profile. If you have any problems, just contact me!

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My entire Duke Elder Anki Deck that scored me top 10% in the Duke Elder.

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Duke Elder Anki Deck

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I want this!